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Dear Attendees,

Here is a follwup on What to Bring to the Brick Press workshop.

Everyone will be required to wear steel toed shoes, eye protection, work gloves, full-body clothing, and a hardhat when working in the shop.

List of items to bring:

  1. Steel-toed shoes - required for protection from heavy falling objects
  2. Full-body clothing - welding will sunburn exposed skin in minutes
  3. Tablet or smart phone for documentation - if you bring one, please download the Dozuki app - http://www.dozuki.com/Apps - and Trovebox (open source Flickr) - https://trovebox.com/ - we use these for documentation. If you have chosen the Documentation Track for the workshop - you will be required to use these platforms.
  4. Laptop (please download FreeCAD) for navigating the main design file for the Brick Press
  5. A positive attitude and willingness to learn:)


  1. Respirator
  2. Ear protection
  3. Hard hats. I always wear one when I am in the shop.
  4. Eye protection
  5. Work gloves. Welding gloves preferred.
  6. Welding mask
  7. Tent and sleeping bag
  8. Snacks

You can see links to some of the safety equipment purchasing sources.

We have welding masks, but feel free to bring your own. We also have gloves, hard hats, and ear + eye protection. We have extra steel-toed shoes, but they may not fit your shoe size. We will have some tablets and phones available for documentation purposes - but extras will help. We will provide snacks, but you can bring some to share. For any of the items that we provide, please feel free to bring your own. For tents - there are some hardcore people out there who actually prefer to tent out, so we are mentioning this as an option.

We will have a full safety walkthrough on build day. We need to pay attention to a few things as we go about changing the world:)

More email coming soon - setting the stage for the Goals and Vision of our Extreme Production workshops.