Extreme Onboarding

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  • Wiki: Learn wiki usage - log, file uploads
  • Browser: Tab with Dozuki Modules, your Work Log
  • Google Docs: learn how to Embed Page in wiki
  • Internet: Create Work Log, Log Your Contributions, Join Design Sprints on specific topics, Join Mailing List on a specific topic, Add Yourself to a Team List.
  • Computer: Download and install Ubuntu 12.04, FreeCAD, LibreCAD, GIMP, OpenShot, RecordMyDesktop, Trovebox, Dozuki, Fritzing, and
  • Smart phone or Tablet: Download Dozuki, Trovebox, Time Lapse camera if you don't have it. We will have 6 tablets available for documentation. We will have 2 internet lines available +
  • CAD: Learn Sketchup, Sweet Home 3D, FreeCAD, LibreCAD, Fritzing, and Blender file conversion.
  • Media and Animation: OpenShot, RecordMyDesktop, Trovebox, GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, and Open Source 2D Animation Software.
  • Bring: tripod for smart phone time lapse. Download time lapse app for your smart phone if your smart phone can't take time lapses.

Establishing Team Workflow

Everyone keeps a log of their activity, and core work revolves around collaboratively-produced and organized content. All work is linked on Dozuki - to attain clarity on phases: (1) background, (2) concept design, (3) techincal design, (4) build, and (5) testing/next iterations. Documentation continues throughout the process. Team begins to take on specialized, consistent roles with time:

  • Team Video Producer - produces screen captures, takes timelapses and adds music, produces video instructionals. Words with CAD team to produce FreeCAD walkthroughs and part-by-part hide/unhide assemblies. Output: one solid video per week, working from their footage, and collating footage of all uploads. Maintains a repository of open source soundtracks.
  • Media Manager: Pull reel and upload of 250MB every night to YouTube, and 5GB/week on Vimeo. 500K upload speed indicates. Oversees that everyone is uploading YouTube videos, and coaches late adopters.
  • Trovebox Manager: Oversees that entire team is doing media uploads to Trovebox.
  • Google Presentation Instructional Producer: takes CAD, Trovebox assets, and video screen shots to produce step-by-step instructionals
  • Collaborative Documentation: everyone on team works with Google Presentation to make content modules of 12-24 pages for each development project
  • Documentation Manager: Assures assets are uploaded daily.
  • Logger and Design Sprint Manager: Updates Project Log/Status for current
  • 3D Printer Manager: does prototype prints
  • Welder manager: maintains and reports regularly on status of all welders
  • CNC Table Manager: maintains and upgrades the CNC torch/router table.
  • Architecture Manager: Assures that everyone learns the full chain of library-based, module-based design for framed, brick, and CNC architecture. Works with CNC Router Table
  • Hospitality Manager: Assures that all roles are being fulfilled, and reports to product lead on all status
  • Graphics Artist: Produces templates for OSE Manuals
  • Laser Cutter Manager: We will set up our laser cutter for scale model prototyping. The laser cutter manager keeps the laser cutter and supplies in order.
  • Workshop Tool Organizer: maintains tool control in workshop.
  • Other Duties: Garbage takeout; recycling to town; propane refills; HabLab weekly cleaning.
  • Morning meeting - Review everyone's log - 5 min - dynamic view of progress; critical that everyone uploads daily. Then discussion of the day's work. Updating a graph of points scored every day. Keep score on Micro_Contribution_Form - gone over daily.