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For the Seed Home.

  1. Start with 3D printing parts for a small 3D printer (plastic printing), and building the small 3D printer.
  2. Print parts for the large printer.
  3. Print parts for a CNC torch table with large printer.
  4. Start cutting steel with CNC torch table to build a tractor.
  5. Cut more parts for an auger.
  6. Do site clearing and pile foundation with the tractor.
  7. Build a Seed Home.
  8. Large CNC torch table doubles up as a CNC router to cut panels for the Seed Home automatically - for things like window panels and any panels with apertures.
  9. CNC torch parts for a shredder, and print more bearings, pulleys, geardowns with 3D printer to build a filament maker.
  10. Filament maker takes plastic bags, waste plastic -shreds and makes filament.
  11. Large 3D printer for 4x8' panels takes the filament - prints construction lumber, parts, and house panels.
  12. Large 3D printer gets a mod for a welder head, which is used to 3D print a spiral metal staircase or an I-beam in full metal or rack for the rooftop PV or some other practical part.
  13. Parts go into the house for additions and beautification.

Later Phase

  1. We add growing beds and a Farmbot for agriculture.
  2. We add the aquaponic greenhouse for more autonomy.