Extruder Improvements from MK8 to Prusa i3 MK2 Extruder

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Switching from MK8 industry standard to prusa mk2:

  1. First, can the MK8 do all the Filament, like polycarbonate? I'm not sure it can reach 300F?
  2. MK8 has no second fan, so that must be retrofitted
  3. MK8 has no direct sensor mount, so that must be retrofitted
  4. MK8 Sourcing is not reliable. Some of them come with a long neck, some with short neck. Which makes our sensor mount not work in long neck. Some are not suited for mounting the sensor, and must be modified by cutting into the heat sink.
  5. MK2 is all DIY - so reduces sourcing issues for mk2
  6. New MK2 has an easy to adjust more robust sensor holder, which reduces first setup time and is inportant for one day builds and continued accuracy. Meaning set it once per year.
  7. MK8 can't do large nozzles, such as volcano 1.4 mm