FIT XM Evaluation

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This evaluation certifies instructors to teach XM Workshops.

Graded 1-5 stars. As applicable, 5 stars is 100%, 4 stars is 80%, 3 stars is 60%, etc.

  • Duration. Was a 5 hour build time achieved? 4 stars if ran over 1 hour. 3 stars if ran over 2 hours. 2 stars if 3 hour overrun.
  • Was there a sample model of a 3D printer available for students to observe for their own build?
  • Were the materials packaged and laid out clearly for each builder?
  • Was there an inventory list provided with each kit?
  • Were the 3D printed parts all clean, or did they require cleaning or processing? 5 stars if used as they came off the printer and no cleaning had to be done - 4 stars if there was loose plastic/support/raft attached to the prints and it took 15 minutes or longer to clean, 3 stars and so on for every 15 minutes to clean. of cleaning/drilling/processing time.
  • Did each builder have a proper tool set for the build?
  • Did everyone achieve a successful 3D print?
  • Did the software work right out of the box?
  • Did the students follow a quality control checklist successfully, or were there missing quality control steps (either on the part of the student or on part of the QC list)?
  • Did the Fellow perform checks according to a final quality control checklist prior to first fire?
  • Did the bed leveling procedure succeed within 15 minutes? 4 stars if it took 10 minutes longer, and another star off for every successive 10 minutes
  • Were all components and parts in working order in each kit?
  • Were their replacement parts available for any broken or missing parts?
  • Was everyone able to access the Build Manual, and was the build manual complete and accurate?
  • Did the Fellow provide teachable moments to participants and was the Fellow's attitude supportive? Was the Fellow able to answer build questions properly?
  • Reviews. What star rating did participants provide? See Workshop_Feedback_Form
  • Did participants say they would recommend the workshop to someone else?