Fab Lab Phase 2

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Phase 2 of Fab Lab development centers around the replacement of the components used in Phase 1 with open source alternatives. The components that are added/substituted to the Phase 1 Fab Lab package are:

  1. Open source MIG welder
  2. Open source plasma cutter
  3. Motor fabrication - stepper motors for CNC control, Multimachine drive motors, power generators, hydraulic motors and cylinders (linear motors), including the feasibility of hydraulic motors operating with natural oils or water as the working fluid
  4. Circuits
    1. open source CNC controllers
    2. OS computer oscilloscope
  5. Fabrication of drilling, milling, and lathing bits
  6. Open Source steel rolling mill
  7. Open Source wire extruder
  8. Open source bolt, nail, and other fastener machine