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Welcome to the Team!

This is an invite for the development of a mobile "fab-wagon" to support ADA-Bio type build days and rapid prototyping. This forum's function is to host the early conversations as we develop the concept and schedule build days as a collaboration between Open Source Ecology and Farm Hack. Please invite other designers/fabricators to the conversation as we get up and going.

Our first call to kick this project off will be at 3:00 EST this coming Sat.(Dec. 21st).

I have started the following supporting documents for the project

Farm Hack tool wiki http://farmhack.net/tools/fab-wagon Hackpad as project planning document https://farmhack.hackpad.com/Fab-Wagon-planning-ffOOGsBQheN

I am sure Marcin will add some OSE pages soon too.

About this group: Discussion around the design, documentation and build of a mobile fabrication facility to facilitate on-farm design build days and rapid prototyping in the field.