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We are a research and development organization. We generate products for the people - by the people. We are supported entirely by voluntary contributions - whether from online donors, on-site labor and production, or in-kind donations. Our Community Supported Manufacturing (see slides 22-29 for discussion, with CEB_Press as the case in point) model means that we develop viable enterprise, and the people benefit by getting the highest quality product at the cost of production. This is radical - because the economics allow for capturing the high value of skilled labor. The skill is shared and taught openly to promote free enterprise. All of our work enters the public domain.

This follows principles of:

Application to Factor e Farm

If we follow the above principles, then open source, flexible fabrication - or digital fabrication - is our preferred means of technology production. Open source agroecology practices is our preferred means of food/natural material production. Thus, we are developing these as part of our core activity.

Daily Life

To achieve the above goals, we recommend that a general daily routine includes:

  • About 1 hour of publicity and organizational internet work related to resource development
  • 2 hours of research, design, planning, etc., towards applied projects
  • 4 hours of focused hands-on work related to facility infrastructure and the Global Village Construction Set
  • Mind-body practice of some sort for cultivating personal evolution and promoting lifelong learning

So what does this mean?

Life at Factor e Farm is a mixture of primitive living and advanced technology. We are experimenting with and living with the GVCS technologies that we develop - as part of the process of validating their viability. We intend to neocommercialize products and have them meet quality standards - up to OSE Specifications. We are not simply playing with technologies - we aim to develop them into fully viable products that improve the quality of life of people. This means that we want to deliver the promise of technology - to make life better - rather than people being enslaved to technology that fosters dependence and upward flow of capital.

We are intent on completing the GVCS technology base as soon as possible. When that point is reached, people will be able to replicate sustainable, productive global villages world-wide - armed with the knowhow and hardware that is necessary for this to happen. To date, this knowledge and hardware cannot be obtained - outside of those whe can expend heroic efforts.

Consequently, we are putting a 100% of our earnings into expanding our research and development activities. This includes land acquisition. The goal is to set up a network of such global villages - such than anyone who is interested in open source ecological living - can make it a reality in their life.

Making a Living

Don't expect to get rich when you come here. The lifestyle here is one of voluntary simplicity. We may provide small stipends for people - if research and development costs are covered and sufficient resources have been raised. This is not a place where you come to make money to pay off your bills. We expect that to be done prior to coming here.

When seen from another point of view, life here is most rich. We have clean food and water, we do things because we want to do them, and we are free from many distractions. We are free. This is priceless.

Now if you want to make money - you can take the knowledge that you gain here, and we will even help you to set up enterprise of your own elsewhere. You are free to leave when you want - because our role is to create distributed production. Remember, however, that all information generated here enters the public domain - because that is a prerequisite to a better world.

Higher Ideals

We are striving for abundance. We are looking for people who understand that the land provides all that is needed. We are teaching people to be stewards of land. We believe that land stewardship - based on open source knowhow - is the only route to a sound economy and sound governance.

Face it - governance is related to resource distribution and power. When people can provide for themselves - on physical and non-physical levels, and when people can produce ample surplus - they become masters of their destiny. They have no reason to inflict conflict with others. Peace and harmony are a result. This is essentially why we promote open source economic development. We are interested in empowering - especially economically - to the highest extent possible - to eliminate all war, conflict, and suffering. It's rather simple. From that point, and only from that point - we can start discussing higher ideals - such as human evolution in general.


We receive a constant critique, even from many within our working circles - that integrated economies and prosperity as suggested are not feasible on a small scale. Critics state that a small scale would not allow the efficiency and surplus required for civilization's advancement. By small scale, we mean regions on the scale of a village. We challenge you to quit nay-saying - and get up to make this happen. We are doing this as we speak.