Factor e Farm Position Statement

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Factor e Farm (FeF) Position Statement

  • FeF is an experiment. It is a development laboratory for tools, technologies, and techniques that lead to post-scarcity by means of optimal production techniques. (optimal is a loaded word. It includes all principles of OSE)
  • Its presently technocentric approach is only a step for developing resilient economies. FeF is dedicated to becoming a first, living example of such a resilient community. This is on top of being a development laboratory for the required tools and techniques. We are interested in forming a foundation for replicable, post-scarcity, resilient communities.
  • Its approach is radical, in that we're developing an integrated toolset for creating resilient communities, which make no compromise related to global geopolitics.
  • We believe that complete, post-scarcity economies (Resource Based Economies, though based on some kind of accounting system) can be created on a scale as small as individual land parcels of village scale, by using modern technology and ancient wisdom.
  • We understand that a prerequisite to such communities is personal and political growth and transformation on part of the individuals taking part in this experiment.


from Edward:

This statement is, like OSE in general, a beautiful and brilliantly conceived philosophy for developing a better world. I don't really have much to add.... except that the formatting could be improved a bit, and it would be good to make it crystal clear that OSE is interested in helping other resilient communities.

You did claim it is supposed to be "replicable" but this must be expanded upon. I think you are probably the most knowledgeable person for elaborating on how exactly FeF can help other resilient communities and individuals... or at least provide a link under the word "replicable" to a page where it is already documented how this process works.... so there are no more people like Guy who are confused about the terms and what sort of reciprocity is required.