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On rapid learning.

  • [1] - Amateurs tend to focus on seeking brilliance. Professionals often know that it’s far more effective to avoid stupidity. Side-stepping typical blunders is the simplest way to get ahead of the crowd.
  • Doug Conant - Campbell's CEO. Book on leadership, but it n major corporate world. [2]
  • The Laws of Human Nature, Robert Greene. Strength of character - do people crumble or stand strong - ashes or diamonds. Not easily overwhelmed by circumstances. But, Greene is green on character change, failing to emphasize that Character Changes Over Time
  • How to Change Your Mind - Michael Pollan
  • Sethi - I will Teach You To Be Rich - [3]
  • About repatriating gang members - https://www.livingmyth.org/contact. Michael Meade - initiations for the ghetto. From the Jack Kornfield podcast. [4]
  • Josh Wolfe - how to study SMEs? How to find them? [5]
  • B - Super thinking: a giant book of mental models
  • Matthew Walker - why we sleep