FeF Winterization Protocol

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Emptying Water Lines

An air compressor can be used to blow out water lines - YT video [1]. The fittings required are compressor fitting, bushing, hose adapter. [2]

This walk-through shows all the points one must take care of in a typical house. Toilet, sinks, dishwasher, shower, drains, water heater, pressure tank. Connection can be made through the washer hose connections. Do one water source at a time. Repeat. Use antifreeze at the end. [3]

Water filters may be present - need draining. Check out all water lines in an RV - [4]

Water sprinkler purge - [5]

Note that air fitting has a small hole, not full 1/4". Careful about pressure - 50 PSI max. [6]

Water filter - remember to purge it. [7]


  • Standard house water pressure is 30-80 PSI [8]
  • Water heater pressure range - [9] - up to 150 PSI [10]. Note we have the vertical install 7 gallon ES8 model.
  • Eccotemp FVI12-LP [11] has a max water pressure rating of 150 PSI [12]