FeF Zero Barrier Action List

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  • Clean up kitchen
  • Get a baby rat terrier
  • Keep generator running
  • Purchase Mt.Best fridge kit and a used chest freezer


  • Cover and paint 2 solar cubicles
  • Procure lime from Home Depot
  • Test limewash stabilization of CEB columns
  • Follow up with Digger's hotline
  • Mark location of the foundations for workshop (3x3' slabs)
    • Measure with strings and punch in rebar stakes


  • Place all footage on single hard drive


  • Replace motor on LifeTrac
  • Build 3 more power cubes
  • Purchase a Millermatic 200 welder
  • Build 1-phase generator
  • Paint LifeTracs
  • Put in seats on LifeTracs
  • Build 8 mufflers


  • Mount hydraulic motor on mower - start with CAD
  • Test baler infrastructure
  • Bale hay for berming trees and construction