Feasibility Notes on Grid Tie Inverter

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Grid-tie inverters were prohibitively expensive even a couple of years ago, but they can now be purchased for as little at $108 per kW - [1].

The simplest grid-tie system consists of your PV panels and just the grid tie inverter - literally plugged into your existing electrical lines.

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Thus, with current prices, one can ideally have complete off-grid capacity for only $1000 - $900 for 3 kW of solar panels, and $100 for the inverter. Shipping and installation are not included - but when one builds a house from the ground up - installation costs can be negligible when considerations are made for building integration with the roof. In fact, the PV panels themselves can replace finish roofing materials, thereby contributing to a cost reduction of the house. This is what we are planning for the November 2016 build.