Feasibility of a Pellet Hydronic Stove

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Pellet hydronic stoves are not new - but they are very expensive. The lowest cost option runs about $10k, and none of them include thermoelectric or household water integration. See Industry Standards below.

The OBI total materials cost for the house heating, hot water, and cogeneration system comes out to $1800. Our materials cost for the stove and hydronic control panel is $1000, while the pellet burner element can be built for under $350 [1]. The materials for the Thermoelectric Generator are $250 and hot household water are $200.

Our experience here is based on installing an open source hydronic system using a commercial stove, a prototype wood-burning hydronic stove, a Babington burner prototype, and builds of 2 more wood burning space heating stoves.

Industry Standards

  • Kedel Hydronic Pellet Stoves - [[2]]