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William Neal

Here is a little feedback about the STEAM camp - How it Works page.

(1) Not sure about this point - clarify? : Each instructor provides relevant technology - most important because technology is the foundation of our product. Without technology, we could not substantiate practical development of open source products.

(2) Any reason for 12 simultaneous camps? Might 2-3 be better to begin with? Seems that a modest expansion would allow for us to work out the technical hurdles with a smaller audience. Otherwise, perhaps a ommunications consultant / platform should be hired to ensure smooth online collaboration.

(3) Rationale for the 9 day timeline? 5-7 days may be more manageable for people to commit to...

(4) OSE is the IP holder for all the knowledge generated vs. All curriculum and design is published as open source to promote rapid learning worlwide as a service to humanity. The intent is to make the curriculum available to anyone who wants to teach it, as an open educational resource. - not sure what the "IP Holder" means exactly.

(5) How about some certificates - (1) Open Source Hardware Trainer (2) Open Source Hardware Practitioner/Camp Participant - these may evolve in to transcendent qualifications that eventually supersede the outmoded papers of the prevailing order.

(6) Suggest to review the prices for the two levels of participation - (1) remote - reduce the cost to increase the participation - perhaps $25 per participant? (2) In-person - not sure how to work this as each venue may have a different underlying cost structure - should the prices be averaged?

Looking forward to further discussion about this.