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Freecad-files https://gitlab.com/feadi/ose

Thu Oct 31, 2019

=Thu Oct 17, 2019= uploaded files to gitlab [https://gitlab.com/feadi/ose https://gitlab.com/feadi/ose] =Tue Oct 15, 2019=

Mon Oct 14, 2019

uploaded freecad files to github (assembly_UA_03.FCStd is the latest assembly)




Sun Oct 13, 2019

embedded my website on wiki https://feadi.github.io/OSE/.

Played with gtlf-viewer

Wed Oct 09, 2019

tidied up the cables, remodeled Idler_side_short

Tue Oct 08, 2019

mounted the axes on a base-plate and made electronics work

Mon Oct 07, 2019

assembled three axes, covered the gypsum in ABS-juice, modeled another endstop_holder

Sun Oct 06, 2019

assembled three axes, casted gypsum for Idler_side

Sat Oct 05, 2019

printed more parts, assembled one universal axis in Freecad, made a mold for Idler_side

Fri Oct 04, 2019

printed more parts, did some CAD

Thu Oct 03, 2019

printed parts for one universal axis

WedOct 02, 2019


Wed Sep 18, 2019

To Ferdi

notable Opensource projects

Fabacademy documentation

All students in FabAcademy learn HTML/CSS/Git to do a website for their work.

complete machine builds


  • antimony - FREP modeler - functional representation CAD software
  • fabmodules - C++ + python - taking 2D and 3D formats to different machining formats.
  • mods - G code generator for all FabLab machines

plastic extrusion

email Beiwagerl, partserver, fabacademy

This is the 3d printed 3d printer:

This is the biggest standard parts repository I know;

Fabacademy archive;

Maxwell-style kinematic coupling aka kelvin coupling

interesting youtube channels

other links

Things Ferdi Said

  • Store silicon and super glue in the fridge bc it dries in humidity