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To Ferdi

notable Opensource projects

Fabacademy documentation

All students in FabAcademy learn HTML/CSS/Git to do a website for their work.

complete machine builds


  • antimony - FREP modeler - functional representation CAD software
  • fabmodules - C++ + python - taking 2D and 3D formats to different machining formats.
  • mods - G code generator for all FabLab machines

plastic extrusion

email Beiwagerl, partserver, fabacademy

This is the 3d printed 3d printer:

This is the biggest standard parts repository I know;

Fabacademy archive;

Maxwell-style kinematic coupling aka kelvin coupling

interesting youtube channels

other links

Things Ferdi Said

  • Store silicon and super glue in the fridge bc it dries in humidity