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Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimum Viable Product

  • Modular Units (A Single Spool Model, A 5 Spool Box, A 10 Spool Box, and a Rack mount (or some other rack/module?) unit)
  • Optional Integration with an FDM Filament Switcher
  • Integration with print farm software (perhaps integrated runout detection, logging of humidity/preventing printing while wet
  • Uses the Open Source Dehumidifier

Basic Design


  • Airtight Box, either ots, or something 3d printed, then finished, and perhaps resin sealed?
  • O ring and top lid
  • Optional mounting system (especially for the rack/mount version for HMCUs and Print Farms where organization is key


Spool Holder System

  • Individual Roller modules, common axle?

Filament Ports

  • See the "Anybox" Device

Backup Dessicant

  • Would this be of use?


  • Would this be needed, or would the VERY low humidity increase evaporation enough to make this not needed?
  • May also be a time factor




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