Financial Goals March 2016

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Curret financial goals include ongoing, regular revenue generation. Once each revenue model is proven, a person is brought on board to run an enterprise as a Distributive Entrepreneur in Residence (DER). This continues development on an aspect of OSE operations at the same time that further R&D and education programs are created.

First in 2016 is monthly 3D printer workshops, with revenue projections of $3k/month, starting in May on a monthly basis. This will be augmented with CNC torch table workshops, at $6k/month revenue, on a monthly basis, beginning in July. This will continue with CEB Press monthly builds, with $8k/month revenue, beginning in September. Modular house/greenhouse builds will enter in December, for another $10k in revenue.

For the housing program, OSE assists with build preparation on remote sites at a $5k flat fee, and generates $5k in tuition revenue in the basic case of a remote build. The owner pays for materials + OSE consulting. Owner receives labor and speed of build for free.

The revenue from the chicken/greens operation should approach $1000/month in the current EIR program by year end. In total, that is $28k/month revenue from the 4 workshops plus agriculture operations.

2017 will continue with developing a nursery operation, tractor build workshops, as well as compost, charcoal, and brick production.

At the same time, OSE's True Fans Program goes 100% developing a collaborative open source product development platform - meaning upgrading basic collaboration tools of wiki, embeddable docs, and CAD.