Financial Independence

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OSE Case

OSE promotes financial independence as arguably the most important step to ensure ethical behavior (not killing or stealing, etc), especially for people without balls.

For this reason, helping people attain financial independence may arguably be the most important step for enforcing world peace. This does not address psychological maturation for getting along with others, which must be present as a fundamental driver - as opposed to enforcer - of peace. As such, one may go as to conclude that financial independence should be a fundamental human right - though it is not granted for free. One must put in effort, like any honest work. Equal opportunity for attaining independence should be widely accessible.


OSE promotes Industrial Productivity on a Small Scale - with [[[Open Source Product Design]] and Open Source Microfactories as a means to Resilient Economies. A part of this pathway can be expense reduction, because open source economic systems are by definition produce lower cost to the user. OSE has already proven the feasibility of Industrial Productivity on a Small Scale in the early 2000s, as discussed in the 20th century in seminal books such as Small is Beautiful and The Second Industrial Divide.