Financing Ideas

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Crop Sales

Produce fast growing crops that have relatively high value in the open market. One video mentioned sale of lettuce.

Sale of fruit or nuts (or saplings?)

Much has been said about propagating fruit vines and trees. What of these? What of selling the saplings?

Hiring out the CEB

Using the CEB, get a work crew together to build CEB structures for others and earn profit that way?

Auction the construction and delivery of Life-Trac

On Craig's list or ebay, begin selling life-trac using online 'auction' sites.


Identify nearby business members who have XYZ table (this seems to be an important phase of the Factor E model) and barter for usage of table in exchange for X product or service from Factor E.

Geodesic kits

Lots of these out there already but the margin can be very good if there is access to scrap metal nearby.

Chicken nursery starter kits

Build an incubator that can be resold.

Solar Panels on Helistat Stands

There's a video of a woman assembling a solar panel from cells. Sell a panel with a heliostat. Build to order so that there is no 'initial investment'. Delivery time: one week
two days to get cells
one day to assemble
one day for testing