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Urgency Care

Short of ER or regular doctor: go to ex Mosaic Urgent Care.

From Jeff Frazer, EMT in Maysville MO

EMT kit - Firstaidkit.jpg

  1. Maxipads x 2: Wound Dressing or for its intended purpose.
  2. 4x4 Sterile Gauze x 2: Wound Dressing
  3. 4 Inch Non-Sterile Roller Gauze: Wound Bandage (Combine item 1, 2, 3 in plastic bag)
  4. Zip Tie: To hold tourniquet windlass rod in place or attach casualty card to patient
  5. Triangular Bandage: Use for a sling, a pressure dressing or tourniquet
  6. Tongue Depressor: Finger splint or visualizing the airway
  7. Sterile Roller Gauze: Wound dressing, bandage, or for packing wounds. As an alternative, a roll of coban or an ace wrap could be included instead.
  8. Tourniquet Windlass Rod: 8 tongue depressors taped together for tightening a tourniquet
  9. Nitrile Gloves: 1 pair.
  10. Providone Iodine Pads x 2: For wound cleaning or water purification
  11. Alcohol Prep Pads x 6: For wound cleaning or fire starting
  12. Bandaid Assortment x 20: For protecting small cuts or as tape for splints
  13. Butterfly Closure x 5: Wound closure
  14. Casualty Card: To record treatment given, as well as medical history
  15. Red Zipper Pouch: To contain items. Safety Pin attached to zipper to ease use under stress.


  1. Iodine - disinfectant
  2. Rubbing alcohol - disinfectant
  3. Hydrogen peroxide - oxidizer
  4. Eyewash bottle

From Yoonseo

Hydrogen Peroxide 16oz

Rubbing Alcohol 70% Isopropyl

Neosporin 1oz

Latex-Free Powder-Free Exam-Quality Disposable Gloves 200pce

Medical Tape

Sterile Gauze Sponges 50pce

Stainless Steel Scissors

Stainless Steel Point Tweezer

Cold Pack 24pce

Sterile Gauze Roll


Emergency Blanket

Sterile Adhesive Bandages

Liquid Sprayer

Burn Relief Gel

Slant Tweezer

Multi Trauma Dressing

Lister Scissors

Sterile Gauze Roll

Case Studies

Marcin of sweet Maysville, Missouri in the United States

Case: stepped on a screw which went in about an inch. One week later after a trip to Spain, the subject's foot is swollen:


  • Vitamin C, A, D (10000 units), A, and K

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