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  • Concept from Good to Great
  • OSE has proven from 2003 to 2023 (20 years of technology integration experiments) that indudtrial productivity on a small scale is possible, and that technology can provide amply for distributed wealth by providing widespread access to modern industrial technology. We also learned that very few people are willing to take up that offer.
  • In 2023, OSE shifts to the promise of developing people, building on the technology infrastrucure. This means not only 2x, not only 10x, but about 100x improvement in quality of life.
    • 10x more people gain access to a modern standard of living
    • 10x more energy use per capita in the poorest countries and 10x less per capita use in the 'advanced' countries
    • 10x more people find their way in life, from bumbling through to pursing their true purpose
    • Housing costs decrease 10x
    • Energy costs decrease 10x
    • Poverty rate improves 10x to the lowest found in Ukraine (1%) [1]
    • Concentration of wealth improves 10x so that the USA is not right above Botswana [2] and both are not at the top of the charts in concentration of wealth.
  • The price to pay is greatness, if a global infrastructure is build for allowing equal opportunity