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Open Ecotech 1 - the First World Conference on Open Source Ecology

Open Ecotech 1 is the first worldwide, working conference on Open Source Ecology. It is being held at Factor e Farm – in the Kansas City area of central USA. This is the longest-lasting conference in the world. It has officially begun with the inception of the 1000 True Fans - 1000 Global Villages campaign - and it lasts until the end of 2010. We aim to complete the entire basic Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) as an outcome of the conference.

Open Ecotech 1 is a working conference, where interested participants submit a proposal for 1 month long projects, to be carried out at Factor e Farm. These projects develop individual components of the GVCS – by completing prototype and testing cycles – until product release. You can see the Status of active projects. You may view a theoretical background for the project in our proposal from early 2008.


We are seeking those who are committed deeply to making a better world. We have proposed a campaign for developing the technology and ecology tools for a new civilization. See the 1000 True Fans - 1000 Global Villages campaign on the blog - and view all the supporting videos here.


We are currently engaged in the 1000 True Fans – 1000 Global Villages campaign to fund Open Ecotech 1. As preparation for each project, funding must be secured for materials and other costs of implementation.


We are currently perfecting our on-demand building infrastructure, and some Open Ecotech 1 proposals will be for building infrastructure - such as the Solar Microhut living habitat units. If you are interested in building such solar microhuts, then you should budget 1 week of time for that task in your proposal. This is the amount of time that 1 person would take to complete one of these structures. Otherwise, you have to seek other accommodations, or you can seek to either insource or outsource the construction.

Application Procedure

To join Open Ecotech 1, please email your contact information, biography, and proposal (discussed below) to opensourceecology at gmail dot com.

Request for Proposals

We are now taking proposals for Open Ecotech 1. To apply, first study our work as discussed in the Distillations ( video series – which has an overview of all the ecotechnologies of interest. These include both technology and agroecology components. We are developing these according to the dynamic procedure discussed in the video on Open Collaborative Development. The proposal should include a program of action for the one month duration of your stay, as well as a discussion of preparatory steps prior to your arrival at Factor e Farm.


Please copy this into an email or a document and send to opensourceecology at gmail dot com.

  1. Name:
  2. Contact information:
  3. Proposed dates of your participation: (note: we will also consider longer or shorter stays, as long as meaningful results are proposed)
  4. Project of Interest:
  5. Project proposal:
  6. Implementation procedure (day by day schedule):
  7. Deliverables:
  8. Implementation Strategy/Keys to success:
  9. Uncertainties/barriers to project completion:
  10. Materials needed:
  11. Tooling and infrastructure requirements:
  12. Bill of Materials and Budget:
  13. Other comments and concerns: