Fixed Mirror Solar Concentrator

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Fixed mirror solar concentrator. The line target moves in a circular arc. I rediscovered this while reading about Compound Parabolic secondary concentrators. Unfortunately, I could not read any of the appropriate papers, only abstracts, even though I have access to university data bases. Guess I'll have to hunt down the paper copies.

from Google patents: Patent number: 4071017

Also, a google scholar search of: solar author:"JL Russell" was very interesting.

The point of what I was reading was that a compound parabolic secondary on the collector tube would make this setup even more effective. I don't know what became of the Sandia experiments, though in the 80's there was another fixed mirror/moving focus setup tried, with a nonimaging secondary and evacuated tube reciever. I saw a picture in a book. I don't know if they did anything else with it.

Try this link: . Lots of explanation on the Tech page.