Flash Boiler Specifications

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  • System consists of heat exhange coil, connections, feedwater injection, shroud, heat-source attachment, and pressure release
  • Nestable, scalable, configurable long-lifetime flash steam generation coils
  • Applications to vehicle steam engine power, cogeneration (combined heat and power systems), point-focus solar engine power, steam cleaning, hot water heating, process heat generation, and other adaptations

Cost-Related Features:

  • Lowest materials cost for a given performance
  • Simplest to fabricate, therefore lowest fabrication cost
  • Advanced techniques of fabrication utilized only when necessary to achieve cost
  • Fabrication tooling preferrably simple, but secondary to fabrication cost
  • Uses commonly available parts
  • Replicable
  • Cost of $10/hp output embodied in coil material
  • Interchangeable water pumps for steam engine, hot water, or space heating application

Materials calculations:

  • Heavy-walled tubing, 100 feet, not to exceed 50 pounds in weight

Flexibility and Performance:

  • Scalable in steam power output from 1 - 100 hp by coil nesting or coil extension
  • Steam power density of 1-20 hp/gallon of volume
  • Pressure up to 1000 psi
  • Modular
  • Coil configuration for chimney/flue pipe heat recovery applications
  • Nestable coils for higher power density applications
  • Long lifetime under continuous use (10 years)
  • Compatible with Babington burner or wood gasifier flame inputs
  • 1 hp per lb power to weight ratio possible


  • Easily connectability of coils for scaling purposes
  • Easy connectabilty for various uses
    • Steam engine power
    • Hot water heating
    • Steam cleaning


  • Coils may be fabricated with small scale metal extrustion (see Metal Extrusion Specifications)
  • Adaptable to coil-bending jig
  • Adaptable to fabricating coils of different diameters


  • Safe in case of failure