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Flip charts from the Collaboratorium - Marcin

  • Org Structure
  • Hiring Strategy
  • Leadership Strategy
  • Narrative - Story to attract to a higher purpose
  • Free yourself up 50% to out into the world and make this viral, attract the right people to the organization and funding for it
  • Create an advisory board - Who are the right people with the right background and expertise to tap into? Invite them to support you
  • Network to build and grow (conversation with Sunny)
  • What you’re creating is SIMPLE FUNCTIONAL & REPAIRABLE!
  • Grow your tribe
  • All points bulletin to people in your culture, your Kickstarter supporters

Curate dinners and invite speakers in to talk to the group - Community Manager You are creating the future! Post your dream message at the top of every website. You are changing the world draw them in and then link to the jobs that are available so they can join your team and make it happen.

  • Message - Live in the future and help create it

(Triangle diagram) People Product $ BIG PICTURE

  • Big picture plan - Gerard
  • Big picture narrative - David
  • Open Source Economy
  • Ultimate intellectual capital
  • Standards based
  • Reduce cost / time
  • Reduce scarcity
  • Change The World
  • No war
  • No material scarcity
  • Disruptive Enterprise
  • Collaborative product input
  • Give away the how - open business model
  • No hunger
  • Pursue higher purpose


  • Evolution
  • Safe, secure, free
  • Hierarchy of needs - Marcin’s version
  • Vitality, creativity, self-sufficiency, authenticity, playfulness, meaning
  • Fundamental desire is to share this sense of freedom with others
  • The “Free Marcin” Campaign
  • Get me out of the daily “Have to’s” so I can focus on the BIG PICTURE
  • Migrating out of the hippies in the woods
  • Need to recruit the leaders
  • Missing Management
  • Feels on-site team suffers from many inefficiencies
  • Eliminate man made scarcity
  • Unleash human potential by freeing them from the rat race