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Flow is a state of mind when one is 'in the zone' - completely focused and in peace performing some task as results and creativity flow freely and abundantly.

Flow state percentage is the fraction of any given day that one spends in the state of flow.

Superfluidity may be defined as flow state percentage of at least one half. When this flow is applied in a positive direction, we call this Positive Superfluidity. See the physics metaphor below.


Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi is the seminal thought leader on the topic. [1]


  • 60 bits per second is human capacity
  • Can't create something new without 10 years of training? But how about generic training, that allows your next mastery to come quicker?


Flow -


Physics Metaphor

In physics, flow is a vector which has magnitude in direction. Likewise, in human dynamics, flow also has magnitude and direction. The magnitude refers to one's capacity for or intensity of 'focus' or 'integrate' or 'transcend time' - whichever perspective one takes.

The direction - or to what end the focus is being applied - is an even more important question. One can flow in their life in any direction, from destruction to creation. Therefore, the most good can be done by pedagogy that cultivates flow in the direction of Stewardship - ie, making life better for everyone. One can objectively assess the state of the world to see what is right, and what is wrong. A sense of justice is still strong in the hearts of people. Many wrong things are obvious, such as war, poverty, and environmental destruction - while others are more subtle, such as open collaboration, growth vs fixed mindset, scarcity mindset. And what is wrong on the surface may actually be just, and what seems just on the surface may actually be wrong. Borrowing from the concept of Right Livelihood, we can propose the concept of Right Flow. Flow in a beneficial direction for everyone is thus an essential part of Superfluidity, which we can call Positive Superfluidity - another aspect of Positive Psychology.

The OSE program is about defining the wrongs, and correcting them by inculcating positive superfluidity in a new life course possibility. This new career choice is yet to be added to the usual career set such as teacher, scientist, lawyer, etc.

OSE Applications

High Output Management involves using leverage such as collaborating with more people, doing things more effectively, or choosing what to do. Flow is another point of leverage - a specific item of working more effectively.

OSE proposes investing in the skill set of focusing one's mind - or not thinking - or otherwise getting into a mindset where thought flows freely. It is up to the aspirant to discover the specific conditions under which it happens, and create a personal environment in which that occurs. OSE can help by creating a workplace where flow can happen. One cannot motivate someone else - only the person can motivate themselves from within. OSE can help by creating an environment conducive to one's motivation. This is discussed in High Output Management.

The point to notice is that in a state of flow, one's productive output is extremely high, perhaps 10x, where motivation is strong from a combination of internal arousal and control of the subject matter - leading to herculean efforts and outputs. [2]

Further, there is the Autotelic Personality Type. We know that Personality Changes with Time, just as we know that Character Changes with Time - both features of Noogenesis. Thus, the case is strong for learning autotely.

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