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Martin Seligman

  • Psychology used to be about disesas. Now it's about positives. Including cultivating genius.
  • Extremely happy people - very social. Happy people are social, but in the giggly sense.
  • Can psychology make people happier? Ie - pleasant (positive emotion), engagement (flow), and meaning.
    • Pleasant is not so modifiable. Positive emotion withers away.
    • Len was a cold fish. Positive affectivity - is the happiness. But it's not pleasure. It is flow. The good life.
    • Flow- finding highest strengths and recrafting your life around those 5.
    • Meaning - highest strengths - using them to something larger than yourself.
  • Design yourself a beautiful day.
  • Gratitude visit - give them a 300 word testimonial. It is powerful.
  • Strengths date - we both find something we are good at, and blow it up
  • Pursuit of pleasure does not make us happy. First is meaning, second is engagement, and then it's pleasure.

Shawn Achor

Positive psychology is about moving the whole curve up, not catering to the average.

  • It's not success then happiness - but - happy in the present. Then you get success.
  • Train your brain 2 minutes for 21 days. 3 new things you are grateful for.
  • Here are things you can do (see minute 10:55):


  • 3 gratitudes - write down 3 new things per day that you are grateful for for 21 days, 2 minutes a day. The result is that your brain scans the world for positive, not negative.
  • Journaling - of a positive experience every 24 hours - allows you to relive it.
  • Exercise - teaches your brain that your behavior matters
  • Meditation - allows you to bypass cultural ADHD of multitasking, allowing you to focus.
  • Random acts of kindness - send 1 email per day showing your appreciation to someone.


  • Sublimation is particularly desirable from the OSE perspective.

Industry Standards

Positive Psychology Test

Cross.pngWarning: tests can be misleading, before administering understand relevant principles of General Semantics, Mental Models, and Game Theory

  • [1] - simple questions, likely can be gamed easily for a 100% score. Perfect score looks like this comapred to the population: Pp.png, indicating that a perfect positive person is more than 10x the average. There are other tests on the site, such as Abundance Test

Current Thought Leaders

  1. Czikszentmihalyi
  2. Center for the Science of Human Potential does coaching - [2]