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  • A device used to automate basic/repetitive actions in a lab
  • Uses the Universal Axis, and sample/consumable storage areas alongside various labratory equipment
  • Name may be imprecise, should consider move to more general D3D Lab-Bot or some variation of that, autosampler is more so for taking samples and moving them into test devices, this device SHOULD do that as well, but is more so focused on automating the monotounous task of ELISA (Biochemistry Assay) and similar tests
  • Additional modules can be added for insertion into various machines such as a heat block, incubator, lab refrigerator, pcr machine, centrifuge etc

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs


  • This is a fully fledged company
  • They sell a cnc lab bot, various modules for it, and just the automated pipette toolhead
  • Not sure on licensing but they seem to be fully open source
  • Their Github
  • Their Main Website
  • See the OSE page on them for more information

Minimum Viably Product

  • As close to $1,000 USD for the base model (Marketed towards the DIY BIO Maket
  • Higher end models are directly comprable to high end hardware (Able to be certified, precise, not "Diy/hacked together" looking) Marketed to schools and up

Basic Design

Automated Pipetting

Use a Standard Pipette in a Holder

Butcher a Standard Pipet into a Custom Toolhead/Make One

  • Low Precision Most Likely, more compact that the holder method

Prepurchase and Adapt a device to our cnc system

  • Use one of OpenTrons Toolheads
  • NEED TO:
  • See what connections it uses and make an adapter to our device (either a wire diagram and join the wires, or the more elegant solution of using the same connectors and make a pcb adapter with cables


Simplified Axis Files for Machining





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