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  • A Company that Makes an Open Source Lab Bot, and has a software for it
  • Hardware - downloadable STEP of robot, reference model without details. [1]

Their Products

How to adapt their toolheads etc to our cnc system

Option A: Wire Joining

  • Hard join the wires from the toolhead to the d3d device

Option B: Adapter Plate

  • Make an adapter pcb, either that mounts on the toolhead, or build it into the main pcb
  • Allows for a more professional look, less wires in the way, and cables can be removed easily via the ports/outlets

How to Fork Their Software from Smoothieware to OSE Marlin

  • Not 100% neccisary, but means the same controller boards etc can be used
  • This will involve code work, so it may take some time
  • Could also be done later, use smoothieware for v0.1, then add in OSE marlin in a later build version

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