Forum Policy/Category Hierarchy

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  • General
    • A single, general category with no sub-categories; one forum each for English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Portuguese. (writable by all)
    • Announcements (read only, press releases, etc.)
  • Technical (writable by participating contributors, readable by all)
    • GVCS Projects (50, top 20 for now)
    • Component Projects (5 or so now, much more later)
    • Community Projects (villages, communities, local OSE chapters, etc)
    • Agriculture Projects (farming, permaculture, etc.)
    • Other Projects
  • Organization (writable by participating contributors, readable by all)
    • Resource Development
    • Web Infrastructure
    • Project Management
    • Standards (Docs, CAD, CAM, etc.)
    • Fundraising
    • Project Proposals
  • Staff (private to OSE staff)
    • Grant Management
    • Press
    • Marketing
    • Personnel

OSE may create new categories within these high level categories if the need arises.