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Hi my name is Marcin - founder of Open Source Ecology.

Today, we are proud to share the full documentation of our first 4 tools in the Global Village Construction Set -- the tools of construction. We’re publishing everything that you’ll need to build yourself - an automated Compressed Earth Brick Press, Multipurpose Tractor, Soil Pulverizer, and Hydraulic Power Unit. We are also including initial testing data from CEB construction in 2011.

Full plans are now complete and available for the 4 machines - in beta release - suggested for use by developers and makers. These now await the thousands of hours of field testing necessary for general adoption by the rest of the world. So please join us as early adopters - and do your part - to demonstrate the power of open source hardware.

Let's build open source. Let's build - civilization.

Merry Christmas 2011 - this is our Christmas Gift to the World.


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