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  • Studied with Chicksentmihalyi on flow, hi
  • Coached master coach of olymppic team - in Athen's - Designed the Hero's Journey
  • Power is the team
  • John D. Liu from China reforestation is playing music in Frank's garden right now
  • Knows the castle owner at, where POC21 happened
  • Global Trading Center - in Holland - it's about building the new economy. Henrig Menting
  • Frank Heckman is a social Architect
  • In Holland it's about energy transition
  • Masai people contacted Frank through Facebook Messenger - Masai woman wanted to be a diplomat.
  • Masai ecologist for restoring landscapes - has people restore landscapes. Vin
  • Greening Africa - program in Tanzania.
  • Frank identifies landscapes
  • Global Landscape Forum - seat in Bonn - it's a landscape development, hydrogeology. Since Paris, it's how you restore on a large scale
  • Ecological Restoration Camp at Open Source Ecology
  • Desertification in the USA
  • John Liu joins the call - Build restoration infrastructure - for productivity - when we finally do the real analysis of the economy -
  • Infrastructure development for camping - 50 people in camps - in a single camp - for restoration culture
  • Ecosystem Restoration Camps dot org - thousand of them - in many locations. Takes people out of consumption society. Conversation in these camps is different.
  • 4 types of people - constructors - flat packs it. Say you add this to refugee camps in Africa.
  • Most permaculture talks of production - but John talks about restoration on the grand scale
  • Functionality is the source - productivity is a derivative.
  • The more functional, the more productive
  • Geodesic dome with video recording system.
  • Every weekend it's a festival