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Sat May 14, 2017

Note: to upload a new version, click on the existing file and go to 'upload new version of the file', so you are not creating a bunch of new files and everything is easier to track.-MJ

File:FrameLAI4.fcstd An LAI with more to it for the frame.

Sat May 13, 2017

File:FrameLAI3.fcstd another iteration of my version of the LAI for the frame

Wed May 10, 2017

File:FrameLAI2.fcstd another rough draft, still deciding how I would like to organize it, and getting used to the functionality

Sun May 7, 2017

copy of github link to exploded assembly


Here is a very first pass at the LAI for the frame. I think in needs multiple pages and drawings with different angles.

Sun Apr 23, 2017

Below is a first pass for the Exploded Part Animation for the frame of D3D.

My Current Plan to Complete is the following:

  • need help with finding the Magnet Holding Parts to add them
  • Change the order of the animations and rename them
  • Change the Color of the Parts
  • Make the video for the animation
  • Add the vocals
  • Edit them together and upload to youtube

Please let me know if any one has suggestions or anything to add. My goal since I should have some time early in the week is to have it all done for the workshop next week.


Tue Apr 11,2017

Hello World! Here is my FreeCad test file.