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Architecture from Yorik



Please transfer the above file into a Google Doc below so it can be updated and modified:



  • Installed Dimensioning Workbench successfully by going to Github repo and following the Readme file

Working File Downloads for Above Tutorial


File:Rotating and Aligning Tubes.fcstd.


File:Rotor with Motor.dae File:Rotor no Motor.dae

Learning and Needs Log

FreeCAD Log.

Video Instructionals



  • Excellent set of 40 videos, including text explanations - in Spanish - [1]


  • Current Lessons - with sound - by Learn FreeCAD - [2]


  • Current - no sound - from Japan - [3].
  • Includes exploded part animations
  • Reverse engineering shown appears to be state of art.

OSE FreeCAD Crash Course

  • This is a set of tutorials for modeling effectively in FreeCAD, with a focus on Sketcher, Assemblies, using library parts, importing files from many sources, performing CAE analysis, doing exploded part animations, generating production drawings, modifying parts, generating CAM files, doing CAE analysis, and exporting for making animations and rendering in Blender.

Sketcher Workbench

Assembly Workbench

CAE Analysis

CAM Functionality

Library Files

One very powerful design ability is the capacity to download 3D files from the internet, and to manipulate them as needed. One big point of rapid development time-binding is the concept that there are vast quantities of objects already available as 3D CAD files, and these can be used without having to draw them from scratch. This is particularly useful with off-shelf parts. For example, McMaster Carr has downloadable CAD files in multiple formats for any of the parts it carries, such as this 1" pipe and elbow, downloaded readily from McMaster-Carr and imported as STEP files into FreeCAD: