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FreeCAD FEM Workbench

The FEM Workbench provides modern Finite Element Analysis (FEA) workflow for FreeCAD. The finite element method (FEM) is a numerical method for solving problems of engineering and mathematical physics. It is also referred to as finite element analysis (FEA). Typical problem areas of interest include structural analysis, heat transfer, fluid flow, mass transport, and electromagnetic potential.

How to use FEM in FreeCAD


Inspiration for this wiki page came from a thread on the FreeCAD (FC) forums of a user who used FC to model and mill a hose-housing mounted to a wall that broke at his home. Cura said he'd need 526g of filament and ultimately the print 3D print took 28 hours. An FC community member examined the model and wondered what a FEM analysis would show. Along comes an FC FEM enthusiast and runs one. The results are enlightening: FreeCAD saved the Day ! (hosepipe bracket) In short he could of used 20% of the original mass which would of rendered ~20% of printing time which means 28hours -> ~6hours.

FEM discussions

Most of the discussions happening for FEM in FC are in the FEM subforum


Using FC >=0.17