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HintLightbulb.png Hint: This page shows how to install FreeCAD - legacy version 0.16 - for Ubuntu. OSE currently supports FreeCAD Legacy - but not later versions.

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Install Attempt

Here is the result of the installation after the autoremove -

Doesn't look like it worked, unless it will work after I restart. Any suggestions for how to make it install?


Response from Abe:

I think the line with Hit:27 implies it is installed. My update has a few errors that don't effect anything else and in my experience, it will specify if something is blocking updates/installs.

Have you tried a system search via the Ubuntu menu? The icons showed up there for me after install and I dragged them to the bar.

I'm not sure its needed but you can clean the repositories list. The "apt clean" command cleans the apt cache and I'm not sure exactly what the consequences of that is, but I see no issues after.

Do You Have It?

In terminal try: apt list | grep freecad-0.16 If it is listed then entering freecad-0.16 should run version 0.16, I think the icon showed up after install, but maybe I had to it some other way. Or maybe it will create it after running it once from the terminal.



Actually, mine says freecad-0.16/xenial,now 1:0.16.6712-0ppa6~ubuntu16.04.1 amd64 [installed]

Oh, I confused the two different ubuntu package apps apt and apt-get, which might matter because the freecad PPA web page commands are add-apt & apt-get. Although I'd guess they both work on the same file lists.

So try:

sudo apt-get install freecad-0.16

Or to clean try:

sudo apt-get autoremove

sudo apt-get autoclean

  • Easy Installation via Terminal using apt
    sudo apt install freecad-0.16