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HintLightbulb.png Hint: In active development as of 2020. With OSE's second major workbench, the 3D Printer Workbench, done on May 1, 2020, and the OSE Piping Workbench from 2018, we are on our way to provide full design support for the 50 GVCS machines. The 3D printer workbench allows for rapid design (5 minutes) of a 3D printer with any size frame, angle frame size, 3D printer corner size, axes, and heated bed - allowing the user to produce a design and to generate a cut list for metal rods and steel angle, as well as to generate the CAM files (STLs) for the 3D printed corners. This allows for full flexibility of rapid design, turning the design process of any new configuration (frame size, angle iron size, 3D printed c0rner size) from a 24 hour+ project by skilled designers to a 5 minute project doable by novices. This is a great example of how custom, engieered design can be performed by non-experts, thereby taking a great leap towards democratized technology. OSE will be creating a design workbench for all of its machines, adding the Workbench specification and workbench standards templates to the OSE Development Template for the requirements/conceptual design steps. By 2028, OSE plans to have a FreeCAD workbench for each of its machines. If you are a programmer, join the Development Team to get involved in the FreeCAD workbenches.



Programming New Workbenches in FreeCAD

One Paragraph Introduction by Ruslan Krenzler


OSE Developer End of Term Discussion with G