FreeCAD and Sweet Home 3D Interoperability

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Complete Process

We can go from Sweet Home 3D to FreeCAD via Blender - doing a bulk export of multiple parts from Blender. And - doing a bulk export of individual parts from Sweet Home 3D to Blender. This is file interoperability for ninjas - but fortunately all the tools for this workflow already exist, and here is a 5 minute video that summarizes the process - both for FreeCAD to Sweet Home 3D - and from Sweet Home 3D to FreeCAD. All while retaining proper part names, such that this can be part of a BOM extraction process from either Sweet Home 3D (via FreeCAD export) or FreeCAD.


Great material for OSE Apprenticeship Global Collaboration days.

Simple export in OBJ format

  1. Produces extra artifacts, which need to be deleted
  2. Does not keep original part labels of source file, but instead just the filename that was used to save