Free Walls

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  • CEB block at 1 cents/block cost - CEB Block Cost - if labor is used to stack block directly in walls. Challenge: soil moving or digging, to site.
  • Max practical imported PV is 3.2 kw (320 sf) - multiplied 2x for 2 of these trailers per site. Telescoped to span between trailers - 4 trailer widths. Total of 8 trailers' worth = 25 kW of energy = 150kW hr/day. This is 1 kg/kwhr - 150 kg per day - 300 lb. Turned to concrete, we have a 3000 lb chunk. Require, per Solar Concrete - for an 8 cubic yard slab - 8 days of production like this.
  • A campus has a quarry which is turned into a lake, as well as cement production, and lumber, and plastic production for free materials.
  • 3D printer produces exterior insulation members - 20 multiwall honeycomb with R20, spanning 4". Half the insulation value of styrofoam, which is 95% air [1]. We can do designer insulation via 3DP to get R half the value of styrofoam, easily.
  • Workflow- stand up the panels - between 2 layers of CEB, butt the CEBs against them, guaranteeing straight up. Stucco on outside. Inside has utility channel. Roof spans with rebar trusses. $2/wall section. 3D printed rebar-concrete truss forms are used for roof. Concrete shingles. Effectively we reinvent housing. Floor: wooden, screwed down into earth floor. Vinyl shingle underneath with dirt on top - screw into vinyl for non-pullout. Or, we can do CEB floor.