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Or evolution in management.

  • First a person works. Gains experience. Could be anything, but it should be substantial, such as excavating rock or construction. Tangible skill.
  • One works for others, has no responsibility for others. Maybe $75k pay max.
  • One has to learn to count.
  • One has to learn to think.
  • One has to develop spirit, through psychosocial integration.
  • Then you move up in management: you start having responsibility for others and for results. You start getting paid for helping others, for working with others. As a manager, you start at $75k. Then it's time to find workers for you - as you do less work and more management. You hire people to count for you.
  • Then others start to work for you. A family business is just a few people. Really noanagent skills required. Once you get one of two dozen people working with you, not for you, then you need to learn management. If they are working for you, it's just a job, not much management skill needed.
  • You transition to be the owner or partial owner. Then you start at $200k. $100k net per person goal as a core enterprise, then you can pkay. In doing the things you want.
  • This is in anyone's capacity. One decides where one wants to go.
  • Co-owner can buy you out at 5 years' value. If they want to diverge from global transformation. Otherwise, we negotiate win-win for more collaborative responsibility. You get paid more for being more collaborative. To get there, it's a startup dilemma to the open source economy.
  • With 100, you are at $10M. This is controlling the development of many humans - a huge responsibility. For every 100, there is a new OSE Campus startup in a different town.
  • Explore Land Holding Company ownership - people only buy use rights.
  • At 1000, we are at $100M.
  • At 10,000, we are at a billion. Google is 10x that in employees, and about 16B net, or 1.6x the $100k ratio.

To Kingdom or Republic

  • At the 100k level, it is time to start functional republics