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Hello Marcin,

Collaboration surely seems appropriate. All our windturbines are open-source, and if we can survive with that business model it will stay that way. At the moment we are looking to make bigger windturbines towards 3m blade diameter. When complemented with PV-panels they could supply enough kWh for a small household. At 4m/s average windspeed they’ll supply 1020kWh, at 5m/s 1752kWh. I see that Kansas city has a lot more sunhours (2800h) than Belgium (around 1500). A different mix PV/wind for different zones would be an interesting offer.

3D-printing works fine, but at the moment we are assuming that in the end we will switch to different plastic-working techniques like moulding, PET-blazing,.. to take the majority of the workload of customer demands (whilst still ensuring that everything can be 3D-printed, e.g. stays decentralised).

Furthermore, I also see that you’re doing work on internet lines? I have quite some experience in soldering and use of wifi- and LTE-antennas (dish, biquad, yagi..), routers, repeaters, 4G and 3G-modems and so on. I can advise if needed.

Kind regards,

Bram Peirs

Are you interested in larger 3D printers as a point of collaboration?

Do you have a revenue model that you are planning? Are you interested in going the route of a Distributive Enterprise - meaning designing the business model around distributed, open source manufacturing and startup assistance? That's what we are developing with the Seed Home - explicitly proposing to train owner-builders, builders, entrepreneurs, and ethical entrepreneurs - as our specific target markets.

Tell me more about your revenue model and rollout plan? We are doing 2 house builds now, and plan on beginning to fulfill builds in September. In August, we're planning for a 2000 person hackathon.

Do you think we can include your turbine as an official option? What budget and time is required, do you think, to get to productization on your side?