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Full Product Release is a status distinction for the development of GVCS tools. A tool has reached Full product release after iterative development that includes:

  1. development through a total of 3 prototypes, where each builds on the lessons learned in the previous prototype.
  2. Field testing of each prototype to demonstrate performance and results obtained with the tool.
  3. CAD plans are available for building the machine after the 3rd prototype has been tested. The CAD plans should be upgraded to professional quality fabrication drawings as soon as possible after the Full Product Release - for replicability.
  4. Fabrication capacity is available so that an interested individual may purchase a complete machine.

A Full Product Release Stable Version is announced after long-term field testing has been performed and acceptable results have been shown, such as after a minimum of 1000 hours of operation.

See the first example of an OSE Full Product Release - the high performance compressed earth brick (CEB) press.