Fundamental Resource Abundance

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Fundamental resource abundance is the current state of the earth, though many people believe that resources are scarce. This is not so. There is 10000x more power that comes from the sun than we use today, therefore, safely 100x more economic activity can easily go on the earth if we use only 1% of the available energy on earth. That energy must be renewable (ie, sun-derived), otherwise it runs out unless we go nuclear. Then there is Import Substitution possibility, such as oil being replaced by hydrogen, a top 10 abundant resource on earth [1]. If we go down to top 21 of 94. In the very top 6, we have steel and concrete, which is permanent modern civilization, and in the top 2 we already hae silicon of the semiconductor age.

Given abundant energy, we can convert raw materials to the lifestuff of modern civilization.

We are not short of physical resources, just imagination.