GEOTEA Compost Tea Brewers

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Compost tea being created in a disused stainless steel wine fermentation tank. Before use, the compost tea is aerated to encourage the establishment of a large colony of beneficial bacteria and microflora.

From the website: "GEOTEA Compost Tea Brewers are on the leading edge of compost tea brewing technology. Made for rugged commercial duty, GEOTEA brewers are precision crafted and ruggedly constructed out of GeoTea Compost Tea Brewersdurable materials and components. GEOTEA brewers are built to last - designed and manufactured for year after year of dependable service. Plus, they’re engineered to help you not only make great compost tea, but to do it with convenience, ease and a quick, thorough clean-up. GeoTea brewers are also a great choice for those making Liquid Compost Extracts."

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