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== OSE - Global Village Construction Set - Components Library ==

The objective is to produce, collect, and provide a library of design components that can be combined to design the systems required for sustainable agriculture.

This page is the starting point of that library. It is currently under construction.

These first few components have been output as .obj files that import correctly into SweetHome3D.

Pallet Rack is a steel assembly such as made by various manufacturers around the world. It's designed for the efficient storage of anything that is held on a pallet. Since we will use IBC pallet tanks for aquaponics agriculture, this is an efficient way to stack them. It is shown here having been imported into SweetHome3D: Pallet rack lean.png

This video shows the steps to - Export 3D model as OBJ from Sketchup - Import OBJ into Sweethome3D as "furniture" - save as Sweethome3D file