GVCS Cost Comparison to Industry Standards

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Seed Eco-Home Cost Comparison to Industry Standards]]

GVCS Costs - 2012


Cost Comparisons to Industrial Counterparts - 2010


  • NOTE: Industrial prices are taken largely from Northern Tool catologue - [1] - your local, global supply chain.
  • Commercial hydraulic rotary well drilling rig quote - [2]
  • Note: Tractor and Bulldozer add up to $9k, for an infrastructure that shares wheel motors, controls, and Power Cubes. Power Cubes are $1750 each for 27 hp using off-shelf components. For about 100 hp of drive, this is $7k.
  • Note: Since Power Cubes are not included here, the real cost of the package should be closer to $40k for the GVCS implementation prior to the ability to melt steel into virgin metal. This ability, combined with advanced CNC machining, will bring the cost down to about $5000 for 50,000 lbs of steel obtained from scrap sources.
  • Note: Each device takes on average 1 week to fabricate after optimization to digital fabrication. This implies a total labor time of about 20 weeks for the devices above, or only $15/hour at the labor cost given. This may be acceptable for DIY value, but is a low rate for market production.