GVCS Dashboard

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This is a proposed Dashboard that shows critical project statistics and analytics.

  • Overall completion - the graph
  • Average cost savings factor achieved for completed machines
  • Number of Distributive Enterprises completed
  • Unique prototypes built
  • Total financial support to date
  • Total in kind support to date
  • Total product revenue to date
  • Total economic activity to date
  • Number of active wiki contributors
  • Number of registered wiki users
  • nukber FB likes
  • number of twitter followers
  • TED talk views
  • Number of articles written about OSE
  • Number of Distributive Enterprise Fellows
  • Number of OSE Fellows
  • Number of active partners (whose wares we use, who contribute design, etc)
  • Design Sprint Database numbers
  • Number of wiki pages
  • Number of wiki edits
  • Number of Design Guides published
  • Number of complete build guides
  • Number of complete build videos