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Fri Jul 3, 2015

Added Design for Symmetry to OSE Spec. Example- long axis trolleys on cnc torch table will be identical only if design for Symmetry is applied to position of short axis mount and stepper mount. Short axis must be at mid-point, so must motor mount. This is with respect to first prototype of Koruza torch table, as being analyzed for replication at OSE.

This allows for 2 long axis trolleys to be identical, as opposed to being mirror images. Note that also, this is design for build Symmetry - not design for appearance. For example, the steppers in the cnc torch case will be rotated in opposite directions.

Design Rationale - explains design and is critical to understanding of a machine

Fabrication Rationale - explanation of design Rationale implications on Fab procedure - with intent of minimizing number of unique Fab steps.